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The home of the most delicious Coconut Chips in New Zealand!

Coconut Chips made in New Zealand by The Green Seed

At The Green Seed, we don’t mess with the food. Nature got it right at the first place.
We just preserve it for you in the most natural way – drying.

With simple yet satisfying flavours, we deliver Coconut Chips that are naturally energy boosting, high in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. We keep the ingredient list short and straightforward. It means you’ll never find any nasty ingredients, such as added MSG, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Plus it’s gluten-free, plant-based and made in New Zealand.

You can take it anywhere and anytime with you.
It’s easy on the go, hassle-free and ready to eat.

And the best part of it? Our Coconut Chips taste delicious, so even the fuzziest eater would love them!





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