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Vegan Mushroom Gravy. Creamy. Gluten Free. Nut Free.

This vegan mushroom gravy is gluten-free with the creamiest texture and full of flavour. It has one secret ingredient that you would never think of adding to it.  And it’s not nutritional yeasts, but white miso paste. It works perfectly and gives a very cheesy flavour. The result was unexpectedly absolutely delicious and addictive. This...
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Sorghum Pancakes

  These pancakes have a fluffy and light texture due to using a gluten-free mixture of different flours. It’s another way to utilize all your flour leftovers. And it tastes delicious! For the pancake batter: 1/3 cup of sorghum flour (you can find it at Bulk Food on Dominion Rd or Davis Trading in Mt....
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Quick Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl is the perfect meal for a family. Colourful, highly nutritious and so comforting! Here is our variation of it. Quinoa with coriander and capers. Chickpeas with turmeric, olive oil and herbs. Steamed kale and broccoli. Roasted pumpkin with pomegranate molasses (leftovers). Kalamata olives. Our Smokin BBQ coconut chips instead of croutons. Vinaigrette dressing....
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Banana nut butter toasts

  These delicious yet simple toasts are super easy to make and they will keep you energized for a couple of hours for sure. Use any wholegrain bread preferably sourdough as it has more nutrients than standard bread from a supermarket. For nut butter mixture, we mixed cashew butter with tahini and rice syrup, and for a...
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Pumpkin-Sorghum Soup

Sorghum is the new kid on the block. It became available here in Auckland just slightly more than a year ago. However, it’s commonly eaten in Asia and Africa for ages. Sorghum is a gluten-free pseudo-grain, like buckwheat and quinoa. Technically it’s actually a grass, but it cooks just like a grain. If you used to enjoy...
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Ice-Cream Sandwich

These delicious oatmeal cookies ice-cream sandwich are simple to make and fast to eat. Home-made cookies and store-bought ice-cream. That’s all you’ll need.
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5 Refreshing Summer Salads

The Summer is on which means it’s time for jandals, surfing, camping and all festive summer things, including light, refreshing, energising and nutritious salads. When if not at summer time enjoy an abundance of a fresh produce and a crisp taste of greens while sitting in the sun? Here we found amazing vegan salads to...
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Summer Buckwheat Salad

This salad is perfect for lunch or even quick and fulfilling breakfast ( if you have leftovers ready). Just mix together any grain or seed leftovers, here we use buckwheat. Add green peas, edamame beans and cucumber.
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4 Cool Science Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Kids are natural explorers, they’re constantly looking for something to discover. And it’s very important to help your children to learn all the new things in a way they won’t get bored. And it’s not so easy at all:)  There is no better time than school holidays to feed your child’s needs with all those...
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Pickled Summer Courgette

Apple Cider Vinegar has so many benefits, it can help acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes, support weight loss and gut health. There are so many ways of enjoying it. The fast and easy way to enjoy its benefits is to use it in a place of water with lemon every morning.  
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