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Egg-Free Pavlova

Egg-Free Pavlova? Yes. It’s totally possible with this recipe from Crazy Cucumber blog. These beauties are like the real things. You won’t notice any difference!
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Smoothie with Raspberry+Beets Coconut Chips

Winter is coming. To stay healthy at this time, it’s vital to increase Vitamin C intakes. One of many different ways of incorporating more vitamins into your diet is drinking smoothies. If you are keen for something fancier than a smoothie, try a smoothie bowl with various yummy toppings.
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Quiche w/spinach,mushrooms and asparagus

This delicious vegan quiche can be cooked instead of conventional one if you’re vegan or vegetarian. 
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Easy eggplants roll

Eggplants, walnuts, garlic, sea salt, coriander, a splash of oil.
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Chickpeas w/Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Coconut Milk and Spinach.

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