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Our coconut come from small-scale coconut farms in beautiful Thailand, where the highest quality and most delicious coconuts are grown.

We use semi-mature coconuts that are full of flavour, rich in nutrients and have a mellow flavour.

After being hand-picked by farmers, our coconuts are cracked open and sliced into thin strips. We then add other ingredients to create the different flavors. Finally, the coconut pieces are slow dried in special ovens to lock in all nutrients and the satisfying crunch.

You can find our chips in selected stores at retailers nationwide. Check out our Where to Buy page to locate our chips in a store near you today.

It depends on the date it was produced, so the Best Before date is going to be your best friend on this one. In general, the shelf life of our unopened packages is 12 months, and—quick tip—you can maximize the fresh factor of an open package by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Two of our flavours contain added coconut sugar. It’s unrefined, organically grown, it retains the nutrients naturally found in the nectar of the coconut blossom, including calcium and iron. Two of the other flavours have no added sugar at all.

Yes, our coconut chips are Dairy Free, Gluten free, Vegan and Soy Free as well. 

Our coconut chips are safe for kids who are eating solid food and can handle a bit of crunch. And kids LOVE our chips!

Our sales team is working hard trying to get green seed snacks into as many stores as possible in the hope you can soon find them anywhere! Our snack is approved in New World, PaknSave, SuperValue and Fresh Choice in South Island supermarkets. Please help us out by telling your local retailers that you want to see green seed coconut chips in their stores. Here we have a special letter that would help with that enquiry.

Our bags are made of plastic #7, which can only be recycled at certain facilities. Give your local recycling center a call before you try. In other packaging news: we have our eyes set on compostable options, and hope to make that transition in the near future.

We heart bloggers in a major way, and we’re all about expanding our community of Supersnack fanatics. If you’re a blogger or influencer who would like to link up with The Green Seed, just send us a note so we can get to know each other and see if it’s a good fit.

You can munch it straight out of bag or use coconut chips as delicious toppers for your favourite ice-cream, veggie salad, smoothie, or many other yummy food-creation. Get creative in your kitchen and let us know what you make with the hashtag #lifebeginsasseed or tag us @thegreenseednz

We can guarantee that we do not and will never use monkeys to harvest coconuts for any of our products!