4 Cool Science Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Kids are natural explorers, they’re constantly looking for something to discover. And it’s very important to help your children to learn all the new things in a way they won’t get bored. And it’s not so easy at all:)  There is no better time than school holidays to feed your child’s needs with all those interesting facts. We’re sure you have already planned out all your days. Here are 4 great ideas to fit into your schedule that will help teach kids about very interesting scientific facts.

1. Make your own spectroscope.

Light experiments are always fun, especially when they involve rainbows!  In this science activity, kids will make their own spectroscope- an instrument used to split light into different wavelengths, which we see as different colours of the rainbow. Read full details here

2. Leaves Changing Colour Experiment

If your little one is constantly asking ‘why do leaves change colours” this very simple experiment is for you! Full details here.

3. Why is the Sky orange at Sunset?

Here is another cool experiment of creating a homemade sunset and explaining why the Sky turns to orange at Sunset. Read details here .

4. Learn under the sea science.

This awesome experiment focuses on some under-the-sea science questions that will help your kids understand the five layers of the ocean, who lives there and how light travels — and it’s one amazingly beautiful project! Details are here.