Our manifesto

Snacking on unhealthy junk food has become the norm. That’s why we set up a mission to change the way the world snacks. To make this change easier, we’ve created delicious snacks that offer various health benefits and bring nourishment, balance and wellbeing to people and the planet. With our snacks, we want to empower people to take a stand for real food for the sake of the sustainability of our only planet and our future generation. We say real snack food doesn’t mean to choosing between the lesser of evils.
Healthy snacks have real flavour. Healthy snacks bring great vibes, lots of joy and great people together.

Come join us on our mission. Let’s make small changes to create a big impact together.

The steps that all of us can start taking right now

We all need to recognize the need for a change of an approach that makes healthy food the norm rather than the exception.
Here are just a few easy steps that all of us can embrace to become a society that will protect our food system for our children.
These steps are simple and don’t involve a lot of effort.


Become aware

If we’re all aware of the problem, we have a better chance of coming up with good solutions to protect our food system for our children and for the environment.

  • Expand your consciousness about healthy and nutritious food
  • Get informed about food’s true cost
  • Make your own research, don’t believe big marketers.
  • Always read labels.

Take actions

The shoppers have great power as never before. By using our dollars to shop local, healthier and sustainable, we vote for a better future for all of us.

  • Ask your nearest supermarket to stock more healthy food. 
  • Shop local farmers and local manufacturers. 
  • Choose foods that are produced in ways that are fair, healthy and ecological.

inspire others

We can’t change the food system by alone but only joining our forces and setting good examples to follow. It’s easy to do. We just all need to remember why.

  • Support your favourite local brands.
  • Share your knowledge with your family and friends.
  •  Set a good example for others to follow.
  • Share your knowledge using social media. Inspire others.