'One of Each' - pack of 4 (10% off)

This bundle includes one of each: Chocolate, Coffee, Raspberry Beets, Smokin BBQ flavours.
Raspberry Beets:

ingredients: coconut strips*, beetroot*, raspberry, lemon juice.

Smokin BBQ:

ingredients: coconut strips*, tomatoes*, apple cider vinegar*, smoked paprika, onion, garlic*, sea salt*, liquid smoke.


ingredients: coconut strips*, coconut sugar*, coffee beans, vanilla extract*.


ingredients:  coconut strips*, coconut sugar*, cocoa




Why choose, get them all!  The only choice you’ll have to do is to choose between Raspberry and Coffee for a delicious morning bowl, Chocolate for 3 pm snack-attack and Smokin BBQ after dinner cravings. Or maybe the other way around. It’s up to you!






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